National Sports Centre


The National Sports Centre (NSC) is in the heart of Crystal Palace Park and has a great selection of activities to offer at affordable prices.

The modern gym has 120 pieces of equipment and offers low cost gym facilities for the local community. It has a dedicated team of personal trainers to help you meet you aims

It has three swimming pools, a 50m, 25m and small child friendly pool. It has swimming classes for all ages and levels as well as lifeguard training and two diving schools. There a toddler soft play as well as a creche.

An indoor running track, stadium with two stands and weightlifting gym means that some of our top athletes and our bright young stars train at this vital facility.

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The Future of the National Sports Centre

The future of the NSC has been uncertain since the 2012 Olympics.

The Greater London Authority are currently conducting a review to provide a strategy and plan for the NSC.

The Crystal Palace Sports Partnership are working towards a 2020 vision for the NSC to ensure a positive future for one of the most iconic sporting venues in Europe

The Crystal Palace Athletics Association (CPAA) is a working group of the Crystal Palace Sports Partnership (CPSP), and has increasing athletics sports participation in Crystal Palace Park and the National Sports Centre at its heart. The Associations overall purpose is to support and promote athletic sports clubs and events in Crystal Palace – covering a wide range of activities including Road Running, Triathlon, Track & Field, Cycling, and Cross Country

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