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Crystal Palace Park Trust

Crystal Palace Park Trust came together in autumn 2016 and is currently in the process of establishing itself as a charitable trust as well as shadowing the Bromley council’s development of the Regeneration Plan for Crystal Palace Park. The trust will take over the management of the park from the council in a phased approach.

The board’s management of the park will be subject to the development of a sustainable business model which will be reliant on the park’s regeneration and the development of new and increased income streams.

To date the board has acted as a key stakeholder in the review of the developing Regeneration Plan, and has influenced the direction the park’s regeneration will take. The board will continue to work with the Bromley council to shape the park’s regeneration and be a key decision maker within this process.

The board is made up of seven local people with exceptional skills, experience and knowledge in a range of fields from planning, to law. All members were recruited through a competitive process with a focus on setting up a board with all the skills required to successfully manage the park in the future. For more detail about the members please click here.

Friends of Crystal Palace Park

The Friends of Crystal Palace Park are a charitable CIO who have the following broad objectives:

– the preservation, conservation, protection and improvement of Crystal Palace Park, a Grade II* listed historic park for the benefit of the public

– to advance the education of the public in general in the physical and natural environment, conservation, protection and improvement, local and national heritage and history, natural history and biodiversity of Crystal Palace park and the surrounding area and to promote science in respect of the same

– to provide or assist in the provision of facilities in the interests of social welfare for recreation or other leisure time occupation of individuals who have need of such facilities by reason of their youth, age infirmity or disability, financial hardship or social circumstances or for the public at large with the object of improving their conditions of life.

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The is all very well but what we do in practice:
– We hold monthly gardening volunteering sessions in the park on the second Sunday of every month. We meet at the Information Centre from 2pm (opposite the former cafe at the bottom end of the Park).
– We open the Information Centre at weekends and manage the facility for community groups to use in the week. Come and see us 11-3pm Saturdays and Sundays if you are interested.
– We send out a Quartley newsletter to the community so people know what is going on with our wonderful park
– We are part of a Federation of Community Groups working on joint community projects and joint funding applications

Crystal Palace Subway

The Friends of Crystal Palace Subway are coordinating a community-led initiative to make the Crystal Palace Subway safe and to reopen it to the public.

Our campaign began in the autumn of 2010 when two local residents, Karl H Richter and Rolf Peruzzo, began discussions with Bromley Council and other local stakeholders to explore how to reopen the subway.

Over the years the subway has managed to inspire people and capture their imagination so it wasn’t hard to find an enthusiastic group to help with this project. A small steering group of volunteers and sponsors was formed to support and promote the project and this has now been formally constituted as the Friends of Crystal Palace Subway.

We are working with Bromley Council, who are the land owners, and Southwark Council to reinstate full access to the subway. It is possible to access the subway from the Southwark side by means of an existing stairway and we have successfully installed a new gate in the wall on the west side of Crystal Palace Parade above this stairway making it safe with a handrail and other safety features.

For the moment, part of the subway may remain closed due to safety concerns about the structural integrity of some of the retaining walls. But both Bromley Council and English Heritage are keen to see this part also reopened in future and we are working with them to investigate funding by the Heritage Lottery Fund or other sources.

People are already suggesting ways in which this beautiful space can be used in the future and once access to the subway has been reinstated we hope as many of these ideas as possible can be accommodated.

We have held lots of events over the past few years, most recently a heritage craft market and open house.

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Friends of Crystal Palace Park Dinosaurs

Friends of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs is a charity registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales (no. 1165231) whose purpose is to promote the long-term conservation of these statues and the larger geological site. We don’t own the statues, and we don’t control access to the site. Instead, we keep a close watch. We work with the owners (London Borough of Bromley), custodians of the park, other charities, and key national organisations (such as Historic England) to ensure the dinosaurs get the care and attention they need. Our aim is to ensure the dinosaurs survive our generation intact, so they can be enjoyed for future generations.

We also care deeply about public engagement. Everyone loves the dinosaurs, and the site is as alive visitors today as when the park opened in 1854. The Friends develop engagement programmes, give public lectures, encourage visitors to do more than take a few quick photographs, and help school children think about the importance of science in their daily lives. We particularly aim to provide resources that will encourage others to draw their own meaning from the site.

A key part of engagement relates to history and heritage. The Victorian story of these statues is one that fascinates all who encounter it. Yet, there is much that still remains a mystery to the historian. The Friends are working to unravel some of that narrative. More important, the Victorians weren’t the only people to encounter the dinosaurs. What about the rest of us? No walk through the site seems to go by without hearing stories and memories from visitors. Whether it’s families on a picnic, or dog walkers, or couples relaxing, or grandparents sharing a story from their youth, visits to the dinosaurs form part of life for thousands of people every year. The Friends works to capture some of those encounters so we can preserve them for the future.

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Capel Manor

Our base at Crystal Palace Park provides programmes in the farm, in an extensive suite of rooms and workshops in the Jubilee Stand and there are practical facilities for horticulture and arboriculture within the Park. The farm is also open for public visitors and is a popular local attraction.

The full-time courses (animal care, horticulture, countryside/environment studies and arboriculture) offered at this centre are particularly suitable for 16-18 year olds but older applicants are considered. Part-time programmes offered are suitable for all ages. In addition, we work in partnership with local schools to offer opportunities to 14 and 15 year olds for practical tasters and training in environmental studies, horticulture and animal care alongside their school GCSE programmes.

ID Verde

In February 2016, The Landscape Group merged with Quadron Services Ltd to create the idverde UK family, the largest green service provider in the UK. Together, we offer services in amenity horticulture; focusing on parks and open space management, grounds maintenance, tree surgery, street cleansing and landscape design and build.

We care for parks and gardens, amenity green space, woodlands, riverbanks, beaches and nature reserves. Our fine turf specialists keep bowling greens, golf courses and cricket squares in top playing condition.

ID Verde manage the day to day maintance of the park as well as events management.

To get in contact e-mail:

Crystal Palace Museum

The history of the Crystal Palace is kept alive at the Crystal Palace museum and tells the story of both the Hyde Park and Sydenham Crystal Palaces. Housed in the only surviving building constructed by the Crystal Palace Company built around 1880 as a lecture room for the Crystal Palace Company’s School of Practical Engineering.   The story of both palaces is told in a series of unique images supplemented by large scaled models of the Crystal Palace plus showcases displaying ceramics and other items associated with the Crystal Palace including remnants from the original building. Adjacent to the museum is the base of Brunel’s water tower.

The Crystal Palace Museum trustees endeavour to ensure visitors enjoy the experience of their visit and welcome any feedback in this respect. To discover the full history of the Crystal Palace from beginning to end can take on average up to one hour.

On the first Sunday of each month (April to October), at 12 noon, the museum give guided tours of the historic Crystal Palace site.

The museum is a Charitable Trust and is open on Sundays (11am-3pm). The museum is free to visit but donations are welcome. Our team of volunteer stewards are on hand to provide information and answer any questions.

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Crystal Palace Foundation

The Crystal Palace Foundation is a voluntary organisation established in 1979 and is a leading authority on the Crystal Palace.

It aims to keep alive the memory of the Crystal Palace and its major role in the story and social development of Victorian and Edwardian England.

The CPF promotes research and education on both the Crystal Palace and the archeological excavation and conservation of historic parts of Crystal Palace Park and produces a number of publications and DVDs, and organises events.

The CPF has no staff (paid or unpaid) – we are all volunteers that give our time freely. We also at present have no permanent sales or information premises.

The Crystal Palace Foundation is a member of the Kingswood Community, Croydon Local Studies Forum, Lambeth Local Studies Forum, Lewisham Local History Council, National Council of Voluntary Organisations, The Ephemera Society and The Exhibition Study Group.

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Crystal Palace Overground Festival

Our mission is to bring people together and have fun while producing high quality arts, heritage and culture events in an area of south London that is a recognised cold spot for the arts. We firmly believe in the power of creativity and we want to improve and enhance the life of our community through involvement in arts, heritage and culture.

Our strategic objectives are:

  • To produce high quality arts, heritage and cultural events in the Crystal Palace area
  • To ensure arts, heritage and culture is accessible to all.

We deliver these objectives by delivering a free festival park event and some other productions annually as part of the Crystal Palace Overground Festival.